Rasbhari Review: Amazon Prime Video has recently released a new Hindi web series Rasbhari starring Swara Bhaskar, Ayushman Saxena and many more, here in the post we are going to review the series. The series released on Amazon Prime Video on 25th June 2020.

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Rasbhari Web Series Review

  • Name Of The Series – Rasbhari
  • Season – 1
  • No. Of Episodes – 8
  • Directed By – Nikhil Bhatt
  • Star Cast – Swara Bhaskar, Ayushman Saxena and More
  • Duration – 25-30 Minutes (Each episode)
  • Rating – 2/5
  • Recommended – No
  • Watching Guide – Don’t Watch With Parents
  • Platform – Amazon Prime Video


The story is about a school going boy Nand and his fantasy about His teacher Sannu (Played by Swara Bhaskar), Nand has a crush on his teacher and he loves her, Nand got heartbroken, when he came to know that his teacher is having affairs with multiple people from the locality, when he approaches her for love, the things went different, while talking to the Husband of her teacher, he came to know about shocking truth and his thought about his teacher changes, completely. In between all these his relationships with his girlfriend, Priyanka takes a bitter turn, in all these happening, can Nand found the truth about his Saanu Maidam or Not?, to know this You have to watch the series, streaming on Amazon Prime Video.


This is one of rarest series, where supporting actors have done much better acting than the main actor, Swara Bhaskar is just at her worst, I can’t expect this piece of overacting from her, maybe it doesn’t suit her, Swara Bhaskar is playing a role of English teacher and trust me, this is worst, just at the lowest level, her dialogue delivery looks fake and nothing is up to the mark, other actors like Rashmi Agnekar ( as Priyanka) and Ayushman Saxena have done a brilliant job, his two friends Vipul (played by Akshay sure) and Bhalla ( played by Akshay Batchu) impresses me too, rest supporting actors were up to the mark and they have done good work.

Screenplay & Editing

The Screenplay is a little slow and the same issue is with editing, You are compelled to watch the whole series on fast forward mode, the stories go very slow and dull most of the time, sometimes it looks good and just another frame it turns to worst, there are a lot of useless dialogues and gossips, that bore you, series can be finished under 5 episodes, there is a huge twist in the end and lot’s of Masala is left for the second season, but I don’t think this series is going to be renewed.


We are going with 2 out of 5 stars for the series, Makers of this series look confused here, sometimes they try to make school Romance and friendship drama just like Flames and some time bold series like Mastram, there was much hype about the bold scene of this series,m trust me you would get nothing, there is not even single frame in the series, that can be considered as bold if you are looking for Bold Scenes in the movie you are going to be hugely disappointed.

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  1. After watching this we really want to quit Amazon prime, earlier we left Netflix bcoz of this kind of material shown un-censored on it. I hopeBreathe season 2 will change our mind . one of my Favorite and waiting for the new season since long

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