Mafia On Zee5: Bored of the same gangster dramas? Looking for something fun and thrilling at the same time? Look no more because Zee 5 is back again with a new show called Mafia. Here in the post, we are going to tell you more about the series, like star cast, release date, trailer, and more.

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The show revolves around 6 friends who were inseparable during their college days. They used to be very close to each other and supported each other. But due to some tragedy that happened between them, the group fell apart, and apparently no one talked to each other. After all these years they all receive an invite to one of their group members Tanya’s bachelorette party in Madhupur which will also serve as a reunion for all of them.

The idea of reunion feels great but also brings back the haunting memories of their past. After meeting each other they decide to play a game which seems from the trailer starts to go horribly wrong. They play Round of Mafia but instead of the regular rules and bonding the game starts to get into their system and brings out all the memories and hate towards each other they’ve kept all these years.

One by one each member gets killed by someone. The group deduces that the killer is between them and probably is one of them who is looking for a closure of the earlier case that they were part of in their college days. The show is a classic example of whodunnit and whydunnit and packs a solid thrill for a perfect weekend binge.


The show is packed with talented actors like Namit Das, Tanmay Dhanania, Saurabh Saraswath, Riddhima Ghosh, Anindita Bose, and Ishaa Saha in lead roles, The show follows these six actors portraying the flawed characters and it will be exciting to see what they bring into the show. The show is directed by Birsa Dasgupta.


Zee 5 recently released the official trailer of the show on their YouTube channel. The trailer is also available on Zee5. Therefore, be sure to check it out.

Mafia Release date

The Series is going To Release on zee5 from 10th July 2020, the series would be available in Hindi audio along with English subtitles.

Final words

Well, to be completely honest, The show’s plot is actually quite similar to some of the episodes of Detective Conan which is an anime. The episodes of these mysteries used to air in the late 90s. But these mysteries guarantee a great watch regardless of how many times you watch it. Waiting

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