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Rabbit Hole Episode 1 Explained | Recap & Summary | Paramount

Rabbit Hole Episode 1 Summary & Ending Explained: Rabbit Hole is now available on Paramount+ in English with English Subtitles. in this article, I am going to tell you the summary and ending explanation of the series so let’s get started.

The story starts with John Weir who is sitting at the bar having his drink when a man walks in and asks the bartender to change the channel to news, and there is a news that leading drug manufacture company Esper-Ethika based in Tokyo has been found with high cancer rates in their drugs.

John then meets a woman Hailey at the bar and then spends the night with her before leaving in the morning he takes the camera hidden behind the clock with him and says to her that Madi must try harder to collect evidence against him.

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Later while going to work John notices a blue car following him, he then gets out of his cab and sees Madi sitting in the car she was a special agent at the FBI and they know each other very well, she told her that the news shown in the bar previous night was fake and by seeing this news Barry Merril sells all the stocks of the company and KOT Capital one of John’s client brought them all, but she doesn’t have proof so she can’t do anything, in the office John and his team celebrated their victory, in the night John goes to his son concert, and we came to know that he is not in good relation with his wife, and in the parking he notices the same blue car following him in the morning.

The next day he arrived at his office to take another project his friend Miles Valence gives him their next project, and here we came to know that someone is following him and keeping an eye on him, again met Madi and she again warns him about the case but he keeps moving.

He discussed their next project with his team the project was about Luxbrant, a luxury brand who are using child labor for its work these allegations are made by their competitor company Banomar Group, so Luxbrant hired them to find proof against them so they can give some response.

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So when Dana Heinrich CEO of Banomar group was going to the office Manfred (TEAM MEMBER) driving a truck blocked the road and she was now stuck in traffic she then takes a cab whose driver was Hafiz (TEAM MEMBER) he then drops her to a hotel where Edward Homm a government treasury agent waiting for his cab was standing now they are standing on the same side now Manfred drops an envelope and asked Edward if it was his there was written Banomar Group in the envelope he asked Dana if it is hers she by seeing the name takes the envelope, Kyle captured this on his camera, and the next day John gives the photos to Luxbrant CEO and he says that he will get the money soon.

In the end, we see John’s name was in news saying that he is wanted by the state in he murder of treasure officer Edward Homm, he runs to his office but as soon as he reaches there he sees the floor in which his office is was blown and all of the team members are dead now, he then goes to his friend Miles but before he could tell him something he jump of his building and is also dead, he sees a message in his computer saying “DO IT NOW”. As he moves to his safe house and goes to the basement we see Edward tied to a chair and the episode ends.



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