Queen Cleopatra Season 2 Release Date: Queen Cleopatra Is A Recently Released Netflix Original Historical Documentary Series Which Is Available To Stream On Netflix With 4 Episodes In English Language with English Subtitles When Trailer Of The Show Was Released It wasn’t liked by Audiences Much Today On 10th May 2023 This Show Debuted On Netflix. This show is having a age rating of 16+ This Means Audiences Above The Of Or Equal To 16 Can Watch This Series.

The show revolves around the time of Cleopatra At That Time Queen was the world’s most powerful, famous , Daring And The misunderstood Woman. Her beauty Was The Biggest Asset Of Her.

Now coming to the season 2 of the show. There are total 4 episodes in the show and the show ends with Complerte story. Although there is little chance for the season 2 but there is no official confirmation from Netflix.

If the season 2 of the series is announced, You can expect the season 2 of the show by 2025.

The Cast Of The Show Is Jada Pinkett Smith, Adele James and Craig Russell. The show also stars John Partridge, Kaysha Woollery, Andira Crichlow, Greg Lockett, Philip Walker In Key Roles.

Jada Pinkett Smith is also the producer of this show Documentry Series.



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