" Queen Charlotte A Bridgerton Story"

Queen Agatha Danbury in ” Queen Charlotte A Bridgerton Story” Who Plays And Character Explained

Old Queen Agatha Danbury in ” Queen Charlotte A Bridgerton Story”: Queen Charlotte is supporting actress in this series , she is still good friend of Queen Charlotte and also met with Violet Bridgerton. Her calmness is still remain constant.

As many users wants to know about Agatha. Here we going to discuss about her and also we will do a character explanations of Queen Agatha from the series ” Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story”.

In the series Queen Agatha is played by Adjoa Andoh . She is a 60 years old British actress.She did many movies and series in her life. Some of her series are ” The Witcher”, “M.I High”(2007-2014), “Bridgerton”. Some of her movies are ” Fractured”(2019), “Invictus”(2009),”Brotherhood”(2016), “Adulthood”(2008),”Chasing Shadows”(2014).

In Regency Era, she plays a important role. She also met with Queen Charlotte for her need and discussion about her Daughter and Son’s marriage. She also met with Violet Bridgerton and later she confessed her love with Violet’s Father Lord Ledger.

This is all about Queen Agatha and how she played a important role in this series. If you still have a doubt feel free to ask.


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