Project Greenlight is one of the successful ventures of HBO, it was started in 2001 And It ran for 5 months, after that this show gets a revival in 2015, and now this show came back after a Gap of 7 years.

But in the new season which is available to stream on HBO Max this new generation is featured. The New Generation Season is getting Pathetic Response, Critics Say this is a complete Mess.

Project Greenlight is an American documentary series that focuses on the first-time debutant filmmakers who created their feature films

Now Talking About the second season;

The Original Show had 4 Seasons, you can consider the new generation as the 5th Season, but the show has negative reviews, and no one is liking this show after this response there are very few chances for the second season.

If something comes you can expect it by 2026 or maybe more delays can happen, till stay tuned with us for More.



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