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Poker Face Episode 5: Recap, Summary & Ending Explained

Poker Face Episode 5: Poker Face, the new Peacock Drama created by Rian Johnson starring Natasha Lyonne has just debuted on the streaming service. It is a “case of the week” mystery comedy-drama and consists of 10 Episodes out of which 4 have aired in the first week.

If you’re interested in what happened in the latest released fifth Episode, you’re at the right place.


After Charlie gets away from Cliff, she finds herself working at an old age home called Mossy Oaks where she meets two old ladies by the name of Joyce and Irene. The two are rebels in the old age home where they do what they like, do not wear the safety vitals monitor because they do not want to and all in all, they seem very cool which Charlie loves as she finds herself getting attracted to them and before she knows it, she’s playing games with them.

Now, Charlie is very interested in what happened to them and how did they end up here. The two share stories of their rebellious time when they worked for a better future, a world without fascism and Charlie is very inspired by what they were working towards. Joyce and Irene are very proud of their past and their only regret is that their leader Gabriel is caught during a raid by the Police and they’re not sure whether he’s even alive or not.

One day, Joyce and Irene see someone getting admitted to the old age home and as soon as they saw that man, they identify him as Gabriel. That night, Gabriel comes to meet them in their room and they all cry together but then Gabriel ends up admitting that he had given everyone up to the government and the only regret he’s had is giving the two women he’s loved and them. The two feel very betrayed and after fake forgiving him, the two plan to murder him by using Sodium Nitrate and an exchange of the vital monitor.

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Before they go on to their zoo trip, Irene kills Gabriel and exchanges the vital monitor with the one Irene wears that doesn’t work. So, after Gabriel has been dead for some hours and Irene and Joyce are at the zoo, Irene who is wearing the vitals monitor is zapped by the taser and the vital monitor turns up which triggers for the car workers to go to Gabriel’s room.

The cause of his death is ruled out as Heart Attack where Joyce and Irene have taken their revenge.

The Ending

Charlie who finds these two women very cool to be with slowly starts to find maybe they aren’t what they seem when FBI Agent who is the care worker for Gabriel and also who admits him to the old age home. While Charlie goes to Gabriel’s funeral, she meets the FBI Agent and she ends up telling him that she’s friends with two women who are friends with Gabriel when he hears about them, he comes with the FBI Team for questioning Joyce and Irene.

Charlie is informed by him that the two women whom she finds very cool are domestic terrorists and they were going to bomb children. Charlie who was confused about this confirms this with Joyce and Irene and they confirm that they were going to do it. Charlie gets to know that they’re monsters.

Before she comes close to solving this mystery, Betty the woman at the old age home is killed by the pressure cooker bomb that Joyce and Irene had created. After the two come to their room, they’re met by Charlie who tells them how did they kill Gabriel and Betty there soon starts combat between the two which ends up with Charlie zapping herself with the taser while Joyce comes to kills her with poison but then the FBI comes there and arrests both of them.

At the end of the Episode, Charlie is leaving her golf car and as soon as she starts it, she hears something different and jumps from it. Turns out, those two had even bombed her car as well. Charlie is offered recruitment from the FBI but she declines it and starts going on her way.

Poker Face Episode 5 is currently streaming on Peacock.



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