Phone Bhoot is a Recently Released movie From Excel Entrainment, This movie was released In Theatres On 4th November 2022. The movie is having decent hype And After a very long time Katrina Kaif is back on big Screens Because of that Too Fans were excited about this Comedy Horror Movie.

Now We’re Going to tell you about the budget Of This Movie

Phone Bhoot was made at a budget of 40 Crores, 5 Crores are for Advertising and printing cost and around 35 Crores was the Production cost that Cast Fees Also included. This Movie got a screen count of around 1100 all over India.

Here Goes The Box Office Breakeven for the film;

This Movie at Atleast Needs a collection Of 50 Crores to get a Hit tag at the box office, Day 1 collections are not up to the Mark and it looks difficult from here to reach that 50 Crores Mark, Day 2 and Day 3 are going to be crucial for the film.

What is your take on this? Please let us know in the Comments, for more news and updates, regarding the box office stay tuned with us.



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