Mili Is An Recently Released Hindi Language Survival Thriller Movie That was released In Theatres On 4th November 2022, this movie was having a low buzz and for all those who don’t know This Movie is an official Remake Of the Malayalam Hit Helen. The film is directed by the Same Director who Directed Movie Helen.

The Film got around 450 Screens all over India and that’s the reason behind the low Box office numbers too, Now We’re Going to tell you about the budget Of This Movie

This Movie was made with a budget Of 25 Crores, The budget includes the Promotions and the Fees  of actors too, There were not too much Promotions of the film and the film is running with many blank shows.

Milli at Atleast Needs A Collection Of 30-35 Crores To Achieve A Hit Tag At The Box Office, By looking at the Day 1 Collections, it looks difficult for the film to get that 30 Crores Mark, Let’s see How Far Milli Goes In Theatres.

Have You seen it yet In Theatres? or Waiting for ott?, Please let us know in the Comments.



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