Oxygen Netflix Movie Review: High On Technical Aspects

Oxygen Netflix Review: Netflix has just released another original film titled Oxygen, the movie is a French sci-fi thriller film available in French and English audios, I just finished the film and here I am with the review of the film, we are going to talk about the highlights and drawbacks of the film.

The movie stars Melanie Laurent in the main lead roles, there are no actors in the film, except Malik Zidi (in a very short role with almost zero dialogues), the movie is directed by Alexandra Aja and the screenplay of the film was written by Christie LeBlanc. The movie is approx 100 Minutes long and available on Netflix in French and English Audio with subtitles, there is no skin show and you can watch the movie with the family.


The plot of the movie is about a women Liz (Played By Melanie Laurent), who wakes up and find herself packed in Cryogenic Chamber, when she wakes up she found herself completely trapped, she tried all her best to save herself, she calls the police for help but Police failed to help her, she has now decided to get herself out by her own, would she able to survive? to know this you have to watch the full movie on Netflix.


Melanie Laurent is brilliant in her role, she is killing it in the whole film, her expression, her body language everything is just superb, for me, this one is her best performance to date, She fit is each frame during the film, her reactions during scary moments look very much real and you would get connected to it. There are no actors other than her, Malik Zidi is supporting the role but there was no dialogue for him in the film. The movie is a gem in terms of acting.


I was so surprised by looking at the whole film, I think the movie is the lowest budget film in Hollywood, the whole movie was completed in a chamber with only one actor in the lead role, the plot of the film is good but it is very high on technical aspects, the screenplay is amazing and it keeps you connected to the film, the pace of the film is very slow and the film goes dull after few minutes, the editing is very poor and the movie seems very long, there is almost zero thrill in the film as the film fails to excite you.

There is no action, Romance, or high-budget sequences in the movie that start very well but the makes fail to execute it properly, the length of the movie seems longer to me and it goes very slow and little predictive in the middle.

  • Name Of The Film: Oxygen
  • Platform: Netflix
  • Runtime: 100 Minutes
  • Rating: 2.8/5
  • Did I Liked It?: Yes In Parts
  • Recommended?: Yes (Only If You Like Sci-fi)
  • Family Friendly: Yes


I am going with 2.8 Out of 5 for the film, If you are a fan of technical Sci-fi film, this film is for you, if you are looking for suspense, thrill and high on the visual movie, this film is not for You, The best thing about the film is, how it was made, and for this the makers deserves appreciation. You can watch the film on Netflix in English audio with subtitles, with your family.

This was our review of the Netflix original French movie Oxygen, what are your thoughts on it?, please let us know in the comment section, for more posts, reviews, and updates like this on movies, stay tuned to STREAMINGDUE.

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