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Oppenheimer India Runtime: Age Rating, How Long Is The Film? Cillian & Florence Intimate Scenes

Christopher Nolan’s Oppenheimer has finally been released in the theatres all over the world and while it is his latest work, it is quite special because Nolan has for the first time ever shot intimate scenes for his film and that’s for the viewers to find out.

That shot scene of Cillian Murphy and Florence Pugh earned the film an 18+ Certificate all over the world but in India specifically the viewers will not be getting that cut because the scene has been cut by the Censor Board to give it a U/A Rating.

Oppenheimer has been released with eight minutes of less content, specifically the intimate scenes between Cillian and Florence which came as a hard blow for the Indian audience who were pretty excited to see Nolan’s work. However, the audience has also not stopped being vocal about this as well.

Not to mention, the Indian cut does contain some coarse language which has been retained but one intimate scene should be mentioned where Cillian and Florence are having sexual intercourse and after she gets up and turns, her backside is blurred which does not make sense.

Parents Guide: 18+

The film has been released in India with cuts but it seems like the fans would have to wait for either the BluRay or a VOD Release to see the whole film, as they intended which does seem quite far away, atleast for now.



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