OMG 2 8th Day Advance Booking: Akshay Kumar is trying very hard to make a strong comeback, but he’s constantly failing. OMG 2 gave some hope to fans and audiences, but now OMG 2 is not performing, maybe due to weekdays. Otherwise, the hype for the film was really great. Audiences are clapping at dialogues and enjoying this film because the sarcastic dialogues with a powerful message are something very few movies are capable of doing.

OMG 2 is winning many hearts. Akshay Kumar’s role is portrayed with so much calmness, but due to an A-rated certification, not everyone is able to watch this film. Nothing can beat Paresh Rawal’s OMG in the era of 2012. Also, theatres were houseful constantly for more than 3 weeks. That is the power of superstar Akshay Kumar. But now, only a big director can save him.

Advance booking for Day 8 is 80 lakhs.

Till now, more than 30k tickets have been sold in advance booking. The collection is around 70 lakhs from advance booking. This is recorded till evening.



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