Gadar 2 is creating history at the Indian Box Office. Fans are happy that Gadar will be coming back with its third part as well. When the movie ends, in the post-credit scene, it is written that the movie will be continued. So fans are happy about that. They hope Gadar 3 will also create the same hype. Till now, there is no update on Gadar 3. Let’s see how much Gadar 2 earns in India.

Gadar 2 is going to touch 400 crores by the end of this weekend. What are your expectations from Gadar 2? Do you think this will beat Pathaan’s Indian collection?

Gadar 2 is that film that will be remembered by fans. Generating this kind of hype and enjoyment is rare in the southern part. Rajnikanth’s Jailer is doing well. On the other side, in the northern part, Gadar 2 is smashing most of the Bollywood records.

Now talking about the advance booking report:

Day 8 Advance Booking: 6 Crores*

Gadar 2 has sold more than 2 Lakhs tickets in advance booking. Friday night show bookings are decent but not up to the mark. Saturday will definitely shock you. Till now, more than 6 crores have been earned by Gadar 2 in advance booking.


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