Oleg Jakovenko In ‘One Ranger’ Movie : Oleg plays a crucial role in the movie. He is a special bodyguard of Declan, who is a terrorist planning to attack London Parliament. However, the special agency is aware of their plans and is coming to stop them.

Will they be able to stop them, or will their plan become successful? To know this, you have to stream the movie available to rent on Amazon Prime Video.

In this article, I am going to tell you the real name of the actor who played the role of Oleg. American actor and stuntman Jess Liaudin played the role of Oleg, a bodyguard in the latest action thriller. He is an American actor who first learned martial arts at the very young age of 8. After that, he learned kickboxing and started his career as a professional fighter. He has fought in various tournaments, including UFC.

Later, he came to acting, starting his career by doing small and low-budget films, and also working as a stuntman in various films. After some time, he began working in big projects. Some of his films include Night Fare (2015), The Squad(2015), Big Brother(2018).

Now, in 2023, you can see him playing an important role in the film One Ranger.



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