‘North Shore’ Episode 2: The first episode of the latest crime thriller gives us so many clues about the case, and the police are now sure that it is a murder, not some type of suicide. In the end, we see that a large amount of money from Sophie’s account got transferred to her friend’s account, who is behind all this. In this article, we are going to give you a summary of the second episode of the series, so let’s get started.

The news of Abigail’s daughter’s death is not yet out in the newspaper because she has a 6-year-old video of the British PM abusing his wife. She is sitting with Meg and Max, and she knows that it was Meg’s first case, so she is preferring Max more than her, which makes her frustrated. However, there is no major update regarding the case, as Erika is also nowhere to be found.

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Later, Max meets with Tori, who is Ann’s sister, and she tells him that her sister might be getting a divorce from him. She suggests that he should live with them because she realizes that he is not in the state of living alone.

The next day, Abigail comes out in the press and tells them about their daughter, appealing to the public that if anyone knows anything about her, they can inform them. She also breaks into tears during the press conference. Next, we see Oscar and Tom, who know something about the case and are hiding it from the police. And where is Erika with that $20,000?

Next, a guy comes to the police and tells them that the girls used to sell drugs. Now, this is something new for them, and Oscar also knows about it. So Max now thinks that he knows much about the case and is not telling them. They come to know that the $20,000 from Sophie’s account was transferred to Think Big Unlimited, whose director is Justin Makepeace and his wife Mary. Justin is the Chief of Staff for Greg.

Then Max visits him and comes to know that Sophie is Greg’s daughter, and the amount was paid to her to keep quiet during the elections. But he doesn’t listen to them and he shoots her. This can be one possibility, but they cannot do anything without any evidence. On the other hand, Tory is very happy as Max is spending good times with her kids, as her husband is mostly out due to work. Max used to read them bedtime stories and play with them.

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The British people believe that Abigail is going to be the next PM of the country, and she has a good image in front of the people. That night, when he was talking to Simon, he gets a call, and the call is from Sophie, which shocks him, as someone is calling him from Sophie’s phone.

The Ending

Back at Tory’s house, Max tells her that he doesn’t want to become a father unless he can take care of a child. He doesn’t want to be like Tory’s husband, who is always busy with work and not giving time to their children. But Tory says to him that he will become a good father. After sending a voicemail to his wife, he receives a message from an anonymous number saying that he knows why Sophie was killed.

Who is sending this message and from whom does Abigail get the call? All this will be known in upcoming episodes, so stay tuned with us.



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