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No Hard Feelings Summary And Ending Explained

No Hard Feelings Summary And Ending Explained: Jennifer Lawrence stars in the new R-rated comedy movie, which is a coming-of-age teenage film. In this article, we are going to discuss the ending of the movie, so without wasting any time, let’s get started.

The movie is set in a small town called Montauk, where the local people are constantly dominated by the richest residents. They force them to pay taxes and exploit them. One of the locals living there is Maddie, who is in the same condition as the rest of the townspeople. At the beginning of the movie, her car gets towed because she is unable to pay the taxes. This is a double loss for her because she used to do many part-time jobs, including working as an Uber driver, and now she can’t earn money to save her late mother’s house.

So she decides to answer an ad where very rich parents are looking for a girlfriend for their son, Percy. They want him to open up and be ready to go to Princeton. After seeing Maddie, they think she will be perfect for him.

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However, their initial meeting doesn’t go well. In the first meeting, Percy tries to hit her because he thinks she is kidnapping him. When they go swimming in the lake, their clothes get stolen, and Maddie has to fight fully naked. Overall, all her attempts to seduce Percy go wrong. Eventually, their bond grows stronger, and they start getting closer to each other. Maddie finds Percy sweet, and he starts falling in love with her. He tells his parents that he will take Maddie with him to Princeton. But everything gets revealed when he overhears Maddie and his parents’ conversation through his father’s car Bluetooth.

The Ending

In the end, Percy decides not to tell them yet that he knows about it and takes Maddie to meet his parents. In the room, they end up having s3x. Then he discloses everything in front of his parents. Later, we come to know that Maddie could always sell her house to get some money, but she doesn’t sell it because her father is a very rich person who left Maddie after her mother died. She believes that her father will come to visit her one day, but now she realizes that this is not going to happen.

She tries to contact him, but he never responds. So she finally sells the house to one of his friends at a discount because she is pregnant. She decides to go to California in the car that was gifted to her by Percy’s parents. However, she wants to see Percy one more time and goes to meet him. After meeting him, she is about to drive away but jumps out of the car, and the car goes into the ocean.

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They watch the car sinking in the water. Percy tells his parents that they don’t need to interfere in his life and personal decisions anymore, as he can manage things on his own. He and Maddie go on a road trip, and the movie ends.



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