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World’s Best (2023) Movie Summary And Ending Explained | Disney

World’s Best (2023) Movie Summary And Ending Explained: The latest Hollywood movie is now streaming on Disney+ Hotstar. In this article, we are going to recap the movie and tell you how the movie ends. But before starting, please note that this article contains heavy spoilers from the movie. So, if you want to watch the movie first, you can do that. For the rest of you, let’s get started.

The movie starts with Prem, who is having a dream of winning a Math quiz. However, someone says, “How uncool is that?” and he wakes up. Then we come to know that he lives with his mother, Priya, who is very strict. Junk food is not allowed in the house, and he has to study most of the time. But it seems like it is good for him, as he is ahead of his class in school and has also started high school classes. Their teacher, Mrs. Sage, tells them that there is a Math Olympiad, and their class has a record of not winning it. But this time, she says that if they win it, the whole class will get an “A” grade.

That night, Prem asks his mother more about his father, Suresh. We come to know that he is dead now. Her mother always skips this topic, but this time she tells him about their first meeting. She first met Suresh at a venue, where he was a singer. Priya had recently broken up with her ex, and when she first saw Suresh, she fell in love with him instantly. Prem was 5 years old when he lost him. Meanwhile, at school, his best friend Jerome is not talking to him anymore and has joined a much cooler group. Prem has to spend time with older students than him. That night, for the first time, his father appears in his dreams, and they make their own rap song and dance. This makes Prem think, “Can he make rap music too?”

The next day, he registers his name for the best rapper in school for the upcoming feast. But his bullies have formed a group called Liquid Smoke, and they bully him. He is rescued by Mercedes and Gabe, and later, Prem tells them about his father and shows them some of his raps.

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Now Prem starts focusing on his new hobby, keeping Math and studies aside. This also helps him make some cool new friends. One day, he is sitting in a café when his bullies come and take his notebook, which belongs to Suresh. When he asks them to give it back, they start teasing him, including his best friend Jerome.

Claire helps him get his notebook back, but he is also very rude to her. One of his teachers witnesses this and calls his mother. She comes to know that Prem is following his new hobby instead of studying and scolds him. He then goes to the bar where his father used to sing and there he comes to know that his father was not a rapper but a bartender. This is a huge shock for him, but he still participates in the feast. There, he also gets bullied and falls off the stage while punching one of them.

The Ending

Later, after the incident, Prem apologizes to Claire about what happened earlier, and they become good friends. At home, Prem drops the box of his father’s belongings, and Priya sees it. She comes to know that Suresh always wanted Prem and her to be happy in the way they wanted to live, and she realizes her mistake.

In the end, Prem participates in the Math Olympiad, and they get third place. Though it’s not a first-place victory, it is still very special for them. And that’s how the movie ends.



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