Niloufer Qureshi In 'Jubilee'

Niloufer Qureshi In ‘Jubilee’ – Who Plays? Real Story? Character Explained

Niloufer Qureshi In ‘Jubilee’ Actress Name: Wamiqa Gabbi plays the role of Niloufer Qureshi, a nautch girl from Lucknow who moves to Mumbai after the Partition to pursue her dream of becoming a movie star. She is a talented and ambitious woman who faces many challenges and struggles in the film industry.

She is also involved in a love triangle with Jay Khanna (Sidhant Gupta), a theatre director, and Madan Kumar (Nandish Sandhu), a rising star. Her character is inspired by the real-life story of Nargis Dutt, who was a courtesan’s daughter and became one of the most celebrated actresses of Hindi cinema.

Wamiqa Gabbi did pretty well in her character Niloufer Qureshi. She pulled off her character very well and that’s really appreciated. Wamiqa Gabbi is known for films like Godha, 9, etc.

Hope you got an idea about the character of Niloufer Qureshi, Also do let us know your thoughts on this. Are You following the Prime Video original series Jubliee?, Please let us know your review and thoughts in the comments.


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