Netflix Vs Amazon Prime Video In India: Whenever you heard of the word OTT platforms the first thing that comes to our mind is Netflix and Amazon Prime. The two undisputed Kings of Streaming video, The streaming giants. Whether you like the fact or not but these two actually are few of the ones that are accepted globally and they are making the full use of it by giving us beautiful content from all around the globe.

But, who is the king Among the two? Shall we discuss it? We’ll talk about the basic introduction, reach, basic plans, shows, and originals. This will give us the idea of which streaming platform is the best .

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Netflix is an American based streaming platform service provider which was founded in 1997 by Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph, Netflix has a huge variety of tv shows and movies in its database. Such is the influence of Netflix that in April 2020 it was reported that Netflix had over 182 million paid subscriptions worldwide, with a whopping 69 million in the United States.

Prime Video

Prime Video or Amazon Prime Video is another great streaming platform that offers tv-series and movies on demand. It is operated by Amazon. It started out in 2006 and has gone through several rebranding and finally Landing on it’s the current name.



Netflix is a global platform and it would be a perfect example of the word Global. The streaming giant is the first preference of people around the world it is available almost everywhere with exceptions such as China, Iran, North Korea, and Syria .

The unbelievable reach of Netflix has put people’s trust in them. They see Netflix as a brand, as a trust, hence people from different parts of the country are making shows and releasing them on Netflix which gives them the global popularity as Netflix dubs them into English also for better advertising of the show overseas.

Prime Video

Prime Video is also stretching its wings into the international market. Although Prime Video has produced many shows in the American market which are loved by people all over but still it’s relatively new waters for prime as they are still trying to get their legs firm on the international content. They have been trying hard to win the other countries and the prime example of this is India.

Prime has one goal in mind which is to win the population of India which they know can make a big difference. They are producing excellent shows and movies nowadays and are fairly high in the race of OTT platforms in India in terms of regional content.

Although Prime has seemingly been making progress, Netflix is quite established and the trust factor is high in it. Hence Netflix wins this one

Winner:- Netflix.



Netflix is in the lead in this one as the frequency and the amount of the shows and movies it has on its database is fairly high. It contains shows from all over the world and produces some really great ones. It provides the platform to some really underrated ones. Well, to be honest Shows of Netflix are better and enjoyable. But this gets repetitive with Forests and teenagers, it is fairly rare that Netflix releases a show which does not contain this nowadays. Although the repetitiveness, it still is loved. The main target of age for Netflix is 13-30


Prime also has a wide variety of shows and movies in their kitty, they have been making progress in acquiring the rights of movies and shows. Well, shows of prime are genuinely more mature and darker as compared to Netflix. The shows in prime are relatively for a mature audience who actually look for some great television. They make great shows but the frequency of releasing new content internationally is comparatively low as compared to Netflix.

Winner:- Netflix.



The red streaming giant has some critically as well as commercially hit originals in their kitty and if you add the time frame in releasing new series it just gives them the advantage. Examples of shows are:- House of Cards, OITNB, Dark, Stranger Things, The woods, Blood and Water, and others. Infact people like the platform so much that they have to build a notion around it that Netflix’s brand can be watched without seeing the reviews. Hence Netflix has also been releasing Original movies directly onto its platform Making it a strong contender in the market internationally.

Well globally Netflix is ahead but in India, it doesn’t seem to care what Netflix India is producing. The one good and probably the best series that came from India is Sacred Games and ironically it is the only good thing about Netflix India till now. After gaining success from the show, Netflix just has gotten off track and has been producing and streaming some cringe content which is frequently been rejected by the audience.


Prime has been making several originals as well and has been doing good . They should just increase their ability to make and produce more shows and they will be in contention for the top spot in no time
Some shows from Prime are:- The boys, Sneaky Pete, Jack Ryan.

Prime India has been hitting it out of the park from the start of it’s run. The actually are way ahead of Netflix in India’s content, they have been releasing new movies frequently and making some really acclaimed shows like:- Mirzapur, The Family Man, Palatal Lok, Panchayat etc. They also have been consistent in their stand-up comedy department.

Overall Prime is better than Netflix in their Regional Indian Content.



Well, Price is where everything depends, the plans of Netflix in India varies from demand to demand. The plans start from a mere 199 and go as high as 799 rupees per month with 499 and 649 in between. 199 and 499 plan offers only 1 screen. We get up to 2 screens in 649 rupees and we get 4 screens with 4k quality on 799 one.


Amazon prime has studied the Indian market well and has been doing several things to get people like their platform. Like making youth offer and offering prime for a whole year in just 500 rupees. This is surely an attractive offer for today’s youth ( age 18-24 ) . While the fixed price for prime is 129 per month.


Netflix is ahead than Prime video Internationally but Prime Video Smashes Netflix in Indian Market. There are lots of Hindi movies on Prime Video, while Netflix has very less No. of the Indian and regional movies. If you are Indian users, Go for Amazon Prime Video Account, along with the Videos, it also has lots of other benefits.

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