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Nazan Abbasi ‘Kaleidoscope’ – Who Plays Nazan Abbasi in Kaleidoscope | Netflix

Nazan Abbasi ‘Kaleidoscope’ Actress Name: Nazan Abbasi is one of the supporting characters from the Netflix Web Series Kaleidoscope, Nazan Abbasi is an FBI officer who takes the case of The Heist and constantly tries to arrest All the Crew members of Leo, but her superior just want her to catch or kill one of the crew members, so they can close this case.

Who Played Nazan Abbasi?

Iranian actress Niousha Noor played the role of Nazan Abbasi in the Nonlinear heist drama series Kaleidoscope, She is known for some great shows and movies, Here goes the list of some of his great works that you can watch after this show.

Who is Niousha Noor?

Niousha Noor is an Iranian Writer and actor, she was seen in films like The Night, Waffles, and Tv series like The Accidental Wolf, HBO’s Here and Now, Stitchers, The Young and The Restless, and more. She also wrote and directed Persianize film, and also acted in it.



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