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My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 3 Ending Explained

My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 3: My Hero Academia is back with another Episode after we saw that the Heroes have attacked Paranormal Liberation Front to capture the evil scientist Kyudai Garaki for which we saw in Episode 2 that he was able to escape and Mirko is after him to capture once and for all.

3rd Episode was very interesting to see because not only did it pile onto what happened in Episode 2 but it also did a deep dive into the mindset of one of the most troubled and sad characters of My Hero Academia which is Twice or Bubaigawara who has been portrayed as someone naïve and Hawks has been taking advantage of him to get insights into the Liberation Army to report back to the HQ about this whole plan.

The majority of the Episode focussed on Bubaigawara and his betrayal at the hands of Hawks who were trying to help him by asking him to come willingly but what a betrayed person should do, who has been betrayed before and feels guilty for not protecting people.

he loves, even though they are villains, we see a desperate attempt from Twice who starts getting duplicated rapidly to kill Hawks but in vain since Hawk’s feathers keep cutting those doubles until Dabi arrives and we see a short duel between them after which Hawks escapes and Twice again pushes his limit to help Toga & Compress and towards the end of the Episode, we see Twice apologizing to Toga for what has come and his foolishness and the Episode ends with Toga hugging Twice.

Episode 4 of My Hero Academia airs next week i.e., 22nd October 2022.


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