Movies Like ‘Sharper’ To Watch: Sharper is an American Drama Thriller movie, which revolves around a con man who lives in New York and wins over people’s trust and then takes money from them his latest crime is when he takes 350$ from a bookstore owner by making him fall in love with a junkie women who recently gets out of prison.

What will happen next you can stream this movie on Apple Tv+ from Feb 17 now available on selected screens, For those who want to watch more movies like SHARPER here are some recommendations from us to watch if they like this movie.

Emily the Criminal

The latest Crime Drama Thriller revolves around a girl Emily who is a college graduate and is a very big debt later she found herself getting involved in a credit card scam that pulled her into the criminal underworld of Los Angles will she be able to survive or pay her debt to know this you have to watch the movie is available to stream on Netflix in the English language.

Shutter Island

The movie stars the very talented Leonardo DiCaprio who plays the role of U.S. Marshall Teddy, when a woman suddenly goes missing he was sent to investigate the case will he be able to find the real criminal this is one of the best movies in crime thriller categories which you can watch if you are a fan of this genera, the movie is available to watch on Netflix.

Taxi Driver

The movie needs no introduction one of the very popular movies of its time and people also love to watch this movie after so many years now, The story is about an ex-marine and Vietnam veteran, who now works as a taxi driver in New York one day he decides to save a girl from his boss in order to remove corruption from the city. The movie is available to stream on Netflix.


The movie stars the very popular Samuel L. Jackson who earns his wages by cleaning crime scenes such a cool thing to do that the concept of the movie is great and one of the most perfectly written, directed produced movies in the Crime Thriller category. The movie is available to stream on Netflix.

The Guilty

The movie is a story about a police officer who is assigned to attend calls on 911 but the story takes a turn when he receives a very disturbing call from a kidnapped woman. One of the best thriller movies of 2021, the movie is available to stream on Netflix in Both Hindi and English Language.

These are our movie recommendations from us if you have already watched Sharper, stay tuned with us for more latest updates regarding movies and series.



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