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Siya Movie Review: Raw, Unbiased & Unpleasant Story for Justice

Siya Movie Review: A Film can be described as a mirror of what a society is and what it stands for. Unfortunately, the bad ones outweigh the good ones when you take a good look in that mirror, You can find a brand-new reflection in the form of this new film that has been released portraying just that, in the purest form there is.

Siya, another directorial from Manish Mundra has set out to do just that. The film is a fight of Siya, a rape survivor who fights for justice, and how the society controlled by powerful people reacts to that.

Siya is one thought-provoking film not because of its storyline that feels like something from the old books because this formula has been used a lot in films before but what does Siya stand out is its similarity to the real events that have happened all throughout India and how it combines multiple cases to make this one final piece that is gut-wrenching and hard to swallow. Probably because of that, it has been rated strictly for adults.

The story of the girl Siya who is gang raped multiple times over the course of 10 days while being chained to the wall and starved for food for 3 days demanding justice for herself and not paying any heed to the societal pressure to let this go, this is the story of that girl.

Strong Points

The fact that the majority of these types of cases happen in the rural parts of India where you do not find a lot of literacy among the people usually means you will be crushed by the ones that hold the power. The film does very well by sticking to its base i.e., its roots of portraying a story of an incident that happened in the rural part of India.


The film flows in a way that gets you to feel multiple emotions one after another, from disgust to anger, and then a realization of what reality is and you feel connected to it. The screenplay has been done very nicely and does not let you stray away.


For a film shot in rural India, you can expect some beautiful village scenes and fields along with some great camera work. Some particular scenes like the part where Siya is portrayed chained and how she is enduring everything, that has been done very well.


For a film portraying this serious, it feels redundant to include songs in between but if done accurately, that can change the game as well. There are only two songs in the film and that is just perfect timing. They do not feel forced and whenever they do come, there’s meaning in every word of it, you just have to hear attentively.

Weak Points
The Ending

For a film that is based on such a serious topic, for an average audience, you need closure and this is where Siya feels a bit different because this is not your typical ending where you get to leave knowing that the world, we live in is just and justice is always served.

The Director has portrayed a world as real as he can and that makes a lot more sense but for an average audience that just wants to watch a movie and not look at the bigger picture, this can be a bit different and a little tough to understand.

Final Words: 3.5/5

Siya is not just a thought-provoking film, it’s raw and unbiased and at the same time it gives you something to understand for yourself “What Do You Think?”. It is a great watch!



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Siya Movie Review: Raw, Unbiased & Unpleasant Story for JusticeSiya is not just a thought-provoking film, it's raw and unbiased and at the same time it gives you something to understand for yourself “What Do You Think?”. It is a great watch!