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Marcie In ‘The Horror of Dolores Roach’ Character Explained | Who Plays?

Marcie is a side character in this series. As people want to know about her we will be discussing who played along with character explanations.

In the series, the character Marcie is played by Judy Reyes. She is a 55 years old American Actress and also a model. She did lots of movies such as ” Smile “(2022), ” All together Niw”(2020), ” Jack & His Friends”(1992), ” Birth/ Rebirth”(2023), “Gun Hill Road “(2011), ” Scruvs: Interns “(2009, ” The pregnancy project “(2012), ” Our house”( 2006) , ” Girl Flu”(2016) , ” The Circle”(2017).

She also did series like ” Better Things”(2016-2022),”Dirty John”(2018-2020), “The Sopranos “(1999-200), “One Day at a time “(2017-2020), “Florida Man” etc.

Before going to jail Dolores used to rule that place by selling drugs along with boyfriend Dominic. After things are totally messed up when she is caught by the police. When she returned saw that her friend Marcie ruled this city. Marcie also told her how Dominic used Dolores for his own profit. After hearing this Dolores got affected badly, she was unable to control her anger and killed Marcie.

Here Marcie provoked her so that Dolores again left this city but things went wrong. after that whole incident, Dolores began to search for Dominic everywhere so that she can take her revenge.

This is all about Marcie. If you want to know more then ask in the comment section.


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