Malpractice Tv Series Shooting & Filming Locations: Lucinda, who one day gets caught in an allegation that she killed a patient due to an opioid overdose while she was working that shift. Now, her career is at stake, and none of the staff present there is helping her during this hard time. To find out what happens next, you can stream this series.

In this article, we are going to tell you about the shooting locations of the series. The movie is based in America, and the main shooting locations of the movie are Shipley and West Yorkshire. The hospital scenes were mainly filmed in the former Shipley tax office in West Yorkshire. The director says that they loved the office so much that all the exterior and interior hospital scenes were filmed in this location. Another major location used for shooting this movie is Skye House on Larkfield Road.

Some of the movies filmed in similar locations include Goathland, Kettlewell, Esholt, Otley, Thirsk, and many more. Hope you got an idea about the shooting and filming locations of the show. You can also check the Episode 1 Recap and Review of Malpractice.

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