M3GAN Movie: Universal Pictures has released the trailer with the release date of the upcoming sci-fi horror thriller film M3GAN.

M3GAN follows the story of Gemma, a brilliant roboticist who works at a toy company, where she creates a girl-like doll by using artificial intelligence and named M3GAN, who can listen and watch and behave like a child’s best friend, teacher, and protector for the child to whom she is bonded.

The story changes when Gemma gains custody of her orphaned 8-year-old niece, Cady, and, due to Gemma’s work pressure, she decides to pair her niece with M3GAN so that it resolves both problems, whatever changes that we see in this film.

M3GAN cast includes Allison Williams, Ronny Chieng, Amie Donald, Kimberley Crossman, Violet McGraw, and Ronny Chieng in the main lead roles, The film also stars Arlo Green, Jen Van Epps, Michael Saccente, and more.

This film is written by Akela Cooper and James Wan, is produced by Ason Blum, James Wan, Michael Clear, and Couper Samuelson, and is directed by Gerard Johnstone.

M3GAN is set to be released only in theatres on January 13, 2023.



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