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Luke In Gen V: Powers, Who Plays? Actor Name, Instagram – Character Explained

Luke In Gen V: Luke becomes one of the fan-favorite characters from Gen V as the first episode drops. People thought he would be the next Homelander, but were shocked to see what happened to him. You will know everything about Luke and the actor who played Luke in this article.

What’s the power of Luke?

Luke is one of the supporting characters in Gen V. Luke is first introduced as an egoistic person, but as the story goes forward we find out that Luke is very nice and not a bad guy. But at the end of the first episode, Luke killed the Principal of Godolkin University and also tried to kill Marie, as Marie saw Luke killing the principal.

Luke then tells his best friend Andre about some Woods and tells him to save his brother before blasting himself. Luke has super strength and the power of fire.

Who Played Luke in Gen V? Luke Actor Name Gen V

Patrick Schwarzenegger played the role of Luke in Gen V. Patrick is the son of legendary actor Arnold Schwarzenegger. Although he is the son of Arnold, he didn’t get that much exposure in his Career.

He was seen in The Terminal List, The Staircase, Grown Ups 2, and many more films and series. He has 1.3 million followers on Instagram. As you know there is a strike going so he isn’t promoting Gen V.




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