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Luis Batista Dolores Roach In ‘ The Horror of Dolores Roach’ Character Explained | Who Plays?

The character of this series played a crucial role. He is a young man who runs the ” Empansa Loca” food shop. As people demanded to know about him we are going to discuss him with a character explanation.

In the series, the character Luis Batista is played by Alejandro Hernandez. He is a 53 years old Cuban screenwriter & novelist. Some of his movies are “American Dreamer”(2018), “Half of Oscar”(2010), “Maras “(2019), “The Motive”(2017), “Cannibal “(2013), “Dark Impulse “(2011), “And while at war”(2019). He also did some series such as “. new Amsterdam”(2018-2023), and “Instinct”(2018-2019).

Luis runs a food shop name ” Empansa Loca ” where he makes Empanadas. But people are not eating his food, every day he throws all of these into the dustbin. But one day after Dolores killed a man, he used that dead body’s flesh as meat for his empanadas. And after that, he got a huge sale, and people loved to eat that. He became a cannibal who love to eat human flesh and also give others to eat.

Dolores knows about this so she stays out of this. But this nature proved that Luis was somehow mentally unstable when he was young he cut his secret part. Apart from this, he falls in love with Dolores, but Dolores understood that man is pure insane. So, she escapes by letting him die in the fire.

Hope that now you have a clear idea about Luis Batista, in case if you have any queries feel free to ask in the comment section.



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