Love Ka Panga Review: Hungama original recently released their new web series titled as Love Ka Panga, the series is a mini-series of total 6 episodes, here we are going to review the series we would also talk about the performances, parents guide and other details of the series.

The series stars Television fame Aasha Negi in the main lead role along with the Ansh Bagri. There is a total of 6 episodes in the series and all are approx 15-20 minutes long, let’s jump to the detailed review of the series.


The story has nothing much to tell, the series revolves around Sumit and Neha played by Ansh Bagri and Aasha Negi, Neha is a modern city girl who has decided to go on a carefree vacation on the hills of Manali. There she meets a guy from Delhi who is very desperate and always thinks about sex according to her. The two despise each other but again seems to continuously bump into each other, their meetings ultimately ends with Love Bond, but later they separated, what happens in between them, why they separated, to know this you have to watch the whole series on Hungama Play and Mx Player.


Aasha Negi and Ansh Bagri both the brilliant in their role, they look good together and both have played their character very well, Ansh Bagri irritates you sometimes but it is a demand for his role, there is no any third actor, the whole series is about only two people and the series is decent in terms of performances.

Screenplay & Others

The series is predictable and the screenplay is below average, twist, in the end, shocks you a little bit, som of the dialogues from the series are disturbing and illogical, like “Jo Ladki Peeti Hai Wo Ladki Deti Hai”, the editing of the series is good and the best part is episodes are very shot and it would not take much of your time.


I am going with 2 out 0f 5 stars for the series, there is nothing special in the series, there is no suspense, no thrill, and not that much of romance, I would not recommend this series to you, still, if you are a fan of Asha Negi, You can watch the series on Hungama Original and Mx Player.

There are some bold scenes and strong language, so avoid watching it with parents and Kids, the series is of a total of 6 episodes and all are approx 15-20 minutes long.

This was all about the Mx Player and Hungama Original series Love Ka Panga, what are your opinions about the series?, please let us know in the comment section, for more posts and updates like this on the web and digital release stay tuned with us.


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  1. I loved the actress’s role and aasha played it really well… Guy is cute with both thoughts in his mind just thought of my past life, same me….

    Yeah that last part was suspense and that lockdown effect and loved the end part of webcam awesome yaar … Short and very sweet…

  2. We find it to be something that really has no relevance to the current topic at hand. It can be entertaining to permit these kinds of things to happen alas they do anyway and without any consent but what can you do.

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