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Louise Ogborn Real Story – Where Is He Now? | Don’t Pick Up The Phone | Netflix

Louise Ogborn Real Story: Netflix’s newest addition to the plethora of content is “Don’t Pick Up The Phone” which tells an astonishingly weird and hard-to-believe but disturbing to the extent that you are angry at the people in it for being so naïve that it raises questions inside your mind like “Is this even real?” and “Did this really happen?” Moreover, after this horrendous incident, what happened to them? What did they do? If you’re interested in that then we have some answers for you.

After the incident of McDonald’s on 9th April 2004 where Louise Ogborn was sexually assaulted by Walter Nix who was being instructed by an unknown caller, the aftermath of this incident had repercussions for everyone during the lawsuit by Louise on Mcdonald’s for $200M.

Louise, after the incident, went through therapy and medication to address their PTSD. She abandoned her plans to attend college and following the events she had issues with maintaining friendships as she wouldn’t allow anyone to come close to her.

Where is Louise Ogborn Now?

Louise Ogborn after the events went through therapy for quite some time and after the lawsuit, she won and was compensated for more than $6M. However, she is now happily married to her husband Jason Bolin and lives in Shelbyville, Kentucky along with her two daughters. She’s 36 now and has moved on from that dark event of her life and tries to be away from the media.



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