Lost bullet Movie Netflix: Has this happened with any of you before? That you watch a teaser which makes to damn excited for the movie? I know you have experienced something like that before. And those of you have not we have the perfect teaser for you or I should say Netflix has it:-p, Netflix released a teaser for their upcoming movie titled ” Lost Bullet “. Sounds interesting!

Lost bullet Movie Plot

Lino is a whiz mechanic with a knack for building ram cars – until he gets arrested for a heist gone wrong. Scouted by the chief of a special drug law enforcement unit, he’s offered a deal to avoid prison. Nine months later, Lino has definitely proven his worth. But as he’s wrongfully accused of murder, he’s left with no option but to find the only proof of his innocence – the bullet from the crime, lodged in a missing car.

Things are getting warm !!!

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Lost bullet Movie Trailer

Well Netflix has released only the teaser that too without any dialogue. The trailer sure has eye-catching visuals of action scenes, chase scenes, explosions, the car doing a cartwheel, etc etc. This was probably done by Netflix to gain attention towards the movie and we can expect a full trailer in some time. The trailer said

“A mechanical whiz is mistakenly charged with murder. The only proof of his innocence is the crime bullet, lodged in a missing car”.

Netflix’s Lost bullet Movie Cast

This Netflix original action movie stars Alba Lenoir, Nicholas Duvauchelle, Ramzy Bedia, Stéfi Celma, Rod Paradot, Sebastian Lalanne, Patrick Medioni, Arthur Aspaturian,
Sam Feuer and others.

Netflix’s Lost bullet Movie Release Date

This action thriller is all set to hit your Netflix screens from 19th June 2020 in English audio with subtitles, The teaser sure looks exciting! Let’s wait for the trailer and then finally the movie.

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