Lost Bullet 3 Netflix: Lost Bullet Is A Netflix Original Film Franchise, The First Part Of The Movie Was Released In the Year 2020, And Because Of So Much Appreciation For the First Part This Movie Came Back With Its Sequel On 10th November 2022.

Now It’s Available To Watch On Netflix In French, English, Hindi, And Many Languages With Subtitles Too. The IMDb Ratings For This Movie Stands At 6.8/10 the movie is receiving very positive Reviews.

Now We’re Going to tell you about the release Date Of The Third Part Of Lost Bullet

So as per our reports, The Third Part For This Action Thriller Movie Will Definitely Come You Can Expect This Part By The Last Quarter Of 2024. Before this, renewal news will Come Very Soon Which Will Be A Announcement For The Third Part From the Side Of Netflix.

The Cast Of The Movie Is Alban Lenoir, Stéfi Celma, Pascale Arbillot, Sébastien Lalanne, And Diego Martín In Key Roles.



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  1. Great movie! Non stop action from beginning to end. Love the fast and furious car the mechanic fixed. Must come back for a 3rd season to find out what happened to the mechanic. Did the girl Julia really quit the force or seek her own justice on her own time. The same with the mechanic he must finally get justice in this 3rd part. Can’t wait to see it!

    • Connagh stokes writer/actor/director on

      No I agree so much I watched lost bullet 2 first and was like what do they mean where is the bullet etc so watched the first and omg what a motion picture franchise! I love it I cannot wait for number 3!

  2. I can’t wait I’m so upset that i have to wait until 2024 to see it!!! No way!!! If u haven’t seen lost bullet 1 & 2 your missing out!!

  3. Dawnia Berardi on

    Oh man! Why do we have to wait until 2024??? I can’t take it! I need to see them wipe out those bad cops! Lino and Julia need to kick some butt! I hope Alvaro gets in on the action too! Somebody needs to demolish Areski! Let’s go Netflix! Bring on that action!

  4. First one, very good, lots of action and a story. Second one, plenty action and confusing story line. Hopefully 3 will have a strong story line to match the full on action.

  5. Every minute I watched this movie, it gave me chills. I loved it from beginning to end. I wanna see the mechanic stay alive in part three and Julia too was a bad ass

  6. Miguel Mohammed on

    I thoroughly enjoyed parts 1 and 2. I love how Lino fights. No Jason Statum moves, just street or survival fighting. His ragged determination is what keeps the film going. He never gives up. Can’t wait for part 3

  7. ValsCraftyAttic on

    I’ve just watched Lost Bullet & Lost Bullet 2 back to back & I’ve absolutely loved both films. They’re action packed & the story lines were different from most other action movies which for me is brilliant. I love how the film is left open for part 3 & I so can’t wait to see it xx

  8. Connagh stokes writer/actor/director on

    I want Lino to get back with Julia start a family of his own hopefully in Spain away from the corruption. The casting was fantastic. I want to see other movies with these actors in! Bring on number 3!

  9. I just watched the 2 last night and oh my goodness it was really good… I really enjoyed Lino taking over and protecting Aresky/areski? Family…

  10. I totally agree with everyone’s postive comments about Lost Bullet & Lost Bullet 2…Can’t wait to see Lost Bullet 3…I watched Lost Bullet…Loved it…Watch Lost Bullet 2 after just flicking through Nexflix and came across it, not realizing it was part of the sequel of Lost Bullet, but I thoroughly enjoyed both and can not wait until Lost Bullet 3 comes out hopefully before 2024.

  11. Liked both, but the end scene of number one does not match up with the opening of number 2. 1 ends with main character surviving the car crash, has been treated for his injuries and he his back at police headquarters with arm in a sling. 2 open up with main character in hospital after the car crash???

  12. Victoria Sloan on

    Loved both Lost Bullet movies!!!! You go Netflix best movies ever can’t wait for the Third One to be release!!!!! 10 Stars Love it💕

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