Lilly, who plays the character, explained: Lilly is also a lead character of this series. She is the wife of Mr. Too but falls in love with the writer Aim. She is the one who first finds the mysterious camera. As people want to know about her, we are going to discuss her with a character explanation.

In the series, the character Lilly is played by Fah Sarika Sathsilpsupa. She is a 28-year-old Thai actress. She has appeared in movies such as “Von The Movie” (2020), “The Last Memory” (2015), and “Happy Old Year” (2019). Some of her series include “School, Tale the Series” (2022) and “The Yearbook” (2021).

Lilly is the wife of Mr. Too, but she falls in love with the writer Aim. She doesn’t love her husband too much because he always beats her. The only person in the family who understands her is June. She also had a miscarriage and lost her baby once. Problems arise when Aim’s wife discovers their affair, and Lilly becomes pregnant too. Lilly was the first to find the mysterious camera.

On her birthday, she is kidnapped, and the whole series revolves around finding out if she is deleted and by whom, as she wants to delete her husband. The series also explains how Lilly starts to love her husband at the end when he accepts her baby. She leaves Aim but still feels sorrow for him.

That’s everything about Lilly. I hope your queries are cleared. If there are any remaining questions, ask in the comment section.



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