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Hello Tomorrow Episode 2 Recap And Ending, Explained | Apple Tv+

Hello Tomorrow Episode 2 Recap And Ending: Apple is really doing great work in terms of Quality content, After the Apple Original film Sharper, here comes another show named ‘Hello Tomorrow’, the first 3 episodes are now streaming on Apple Tv+.

We have already covered Episode 1 of ‘Hello Tomorrow; Now here goes the Recap, Summary, and Ending Explained of episode 2 of Hello Tomorrow;

Episode 2 of the show starts Just where episode 1 ended, After his wife gets into that accident which leaves her bedridden in the hospital, Jack is in town while he realizes the value of family and regrets while doing a speech to the prospects of the moon timeshare and ends up talking about hopelessness and leaves. Turns out, one of the people was his son Joey who doesn’t even know that Jack is his father.

After Joey signs up for the timeshare, he meets Jack at the hospital where Jack says something else to stop the truth from coming out. However, Jack realizes that sending his son to the moon where his problems will not end is not a good thing so he cancels his application and instead offers him a job as a salesman to which Joey agrees.

Joey gets off to a rocky start where he doesn’t know anything about sales and how to sell while the rest of the team does not appreciate Jack taking in a kid who doesn’t know the first thing about selling. However, Jack vouches for him and gives him an easy lead which Joey ends up losing.

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Joey gets hopeless at one time and leaves the game where Jack had taken the whole team to buy at the grocery store where he works part-time, he ends up selling the owner a timeshare and comes back to Jack to tell him.

Now, at the game, Shirley had the budget money and she thought of that as an opportunity to rack up sales so she ends up showing their ad at the game it turns out to be a big boost for them and they start to get calls all night about timeshare.

Jack is skeptical about this and believes that they do not have the bandwidth for this but then appreciates the business coming in.

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Meanwhile, Herb has been having some difficulties with Joey being all Jack’s favorite, he goes to one household where he and Eddie had been before where they found someone who’s cheating on his wife.



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