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Kuniko In ‘Call Me Chihiro’ | Actress Name, Who Plays ? | Netflix

Kuniko In ‘Call Me Chihiro’: Kuniko plays a crucial role in the movie she is a high school girl who is not treated well by her parents, later she seeks Chihiro for help and Chihiro helped her a lot to get out of this trap, what will happen next to know this you can watch this movie on Netflix.

In this article, I am going to tell you the real name of the actress who played the role of Kuniko in the movie.

Who Played Kuniko in ‘Call Me Chihiro’?

Japanese star Hana Toyoshima played the role of Kuniko in the Latest J-Drama Movie.

Who is Hana Toyoshima?

She is a Japanese born in 2007 she had done work in many Japanese TV series and Movies some of her noticeable work was in movies like Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters (2012), Minato shôji Koin randorî (2022) and Tokai no Tomu & soya (2021).

In 2023 you can see her in the Netflix movie Call Me Chihiro, streaming now.



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