Khufiya Movie Review

Khufiya Movie Review: A Fascinating Slow Burn Thriller

Khufiya Movie Review: The long-awaited spy thriller film “Khufiya,” directed by Vishal Bhardwaj, is finally here. When I started watching the film, I was shocked to see the runtime of approximately 2 hours and 40 minutes. The movie is available on Netflix in Hindi, Tamil, and Telugu versions. I just finished watching it, and here is a detailed review of “Khufiya.”

For all those who don’t know, the film is a direct Netflix release and stars Tabu, Ali Fazal, and Wamiqa Gabbi in the main lead roles. It is based on the book “Escape To Nowhere.” There is an intimate sequence in the film, so it may not be suitable for family audiences. Here is a detailed review of the film.

An Indian RAW agent was killed during a mission, and when the agency investigated the matter, they discovered that there was a double agent providing information to other agencies. Upon further investigation, they found that RAW officer Ravi was behind all this. When the team head, KM (played by Tabu), digs deeper, they uncover shocking connections. Ravi’s family and his wife are involved in all this. To learn more, you need to watch the full movie on Netflix.

Khufiya Movie

The film is slightly slow, and the first 40 minutes will test your patience for sure. However, it gains momentum after the first half and turns into a great thriller. There are some sequences that were unnecessary and only increased the film’s runtime. The screenplay is decent, and the direction by Vishal Bhardwaj is top-notch. The music and background music (BGM) are other weak aspects of the film, apart from the long runtime and weak dialogues.

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Moving on to the performances, Tabu is a superstar and consistently proves it in every film. She keeps getting better, like fine wine, and I don’t know how she manages to act so well and naturally in all her films. Wamiqa Gabbi is stunning once again, and her transformation is sure to astonish you all. She was exceptional in her role. On the other hand, Ali Fazal looks similar to some of his previous films. I don’t know why, but his character seems similar in terms of acting to his last film, “Death On the Nile.” The rest of the cast, including Ashish Vidyarthi, Azmeri Haq, and others, delivered decent performances.

I am giving the film 3 out of 5 stars. “Khufiya” is a good thriller, but it will test your patience. There are some shocking events in the film, and you will love the interval block for sure. I was expecting more thrills in the climax, but still, this Vishal Bhardwaj thriller delivers.

This was all about the Netflix original film Khufiya Review, What do you think about the film?, Please let us know in the comments.


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