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Today’s New Releases On Netflix: Netflix is one of the most loved OTT platforms all over the Globe, On a daily basis, Netflix releases a huge List of movies and shows, That are loved and watched by audiences worldwide, Here we are going to tell you What You Can watch Today Netflix.

Upcoming Web Series On Netflix Netflix August 2020 Release List

We will Update the Page on a Daily basis So that You get updated with the new and recent releases, we will also add language and Content-Type details to make the titles clearer, Here Goes the list of everything releasing Today and the List of Shows that You can watch on Netflix.

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17th October 2023

The Devil On The TriAl – Documentary

I Wake Up As Vampire – Series – Season 2

15th October 2023

The Dictator (Film) – Hindi Dubbed
Camp Courage (Documentary) – English
Strong Girl Nam-Soon: New Episode

14th October 2023

No New Releases

13th October 2023

The Conference Movie – Swedish

12th October 2023

  • The Fall Of The House Of Usher Season 1 (NF Original) – English, Hindi & More
  • LEGO: Ninjago Dragons Rising Season 1 Part 2 (Series) – English, Hindi
  • Good Night World Season 1 (Series) – English
  • Baby Animal Cam Season 1 (Series) – English

9th October 2023

  • Marguax – Film – English

8th October 2023

No new Content

7th October 2023

  • Strong Girl Naam – soon – Koren Series – English
  • SPY X Family Season 2 – Anime – Episodes – English

6th October 2023

Ballerina (Movie) – English [NF Origianl Film]
Fair Play (Movie) – English (Dubbed In Spanish, Hindi) [NF Original]
A Deadly Invitation (Movie) – English [NF Original]
Insidious: The Red Door (Movie) – English

5th October 2023

Khufiya – Movie – Hindi, Tamil, Telugu [NF Original]
Miss Shetty Mr Polishetty – Movie – Telugu, Tamil, Hindi
Lupin: S3 (Series) – English, Hindi [NF Original Show]
Everything Now season 1 (Series) – English, Hindi [NF Original Show]

4th October 2023

Beckham Season 1 Series – English, Hindi and More
Destined With You New Episode

2nd October 2023

1st October 2023

Khushi – Film – Tamil, Telugu, Hindi

30th September 2023

Poison (Short Film) – English (Original), Hindi and Many more

New Episodes Of Preacher, Behind Your Touch – English,

29th September 2023

Choona: Season 1 (Series) – Hindi
Nowhere (Movie) – Spanish (Original Audio), English, Hindi
Reptile (Movie) – English, Hindi
The Rat Catcher (Movie) – English, Hindi
PAW Patrol: The Movie (Movie) – English, Hindi
Power Rangers: Cosmic Fury: Season 1 (Series) – Hindi
Do Not Disturb (Movie) – English

What To Watch On Netflix On 27th April 2023

The Nurse Season 1 (Series) – English, Hindi With Subs
Sweet Tooth Season 2 (Tv Series) – English, Hindi With Subtitles
Firefly Lane Season 2 Part 2 (S) – English, Hindi With Subs
Sharkdog Season 3 (Series) – English, Hindi With Subtitles
Dasara (Movie) – Telugu – Digital Release
The Matchmaker (Movie) – English

What To Watch On Netflix On 10th April 2023

A Man Called Otto (Film) – English, Hindi – With Subtitles
CoComelon Season 8 (Series) – English – With Subtitles
Demon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba Swordsmith Village Arc: Season 3 – Series- Japanese – With Subtitles

What To Watch On Netflix On 6th April 2023?

  • Beef Season 1 Netflix Original Series – English, Hindi & More Audio Version, With Subtitles.
  • In Real Love  – Netflix Original Tv Show – Hindi with English Subtitles
  • Riverdale New Episodes – Netflix Original – English Audio With Subtitles – Episode No. 2 Season 7

What To Watch On Netflix On 4th April 2023?

  • The Signing Season 1 (Series) – English Audio With Subtitles NF Original
  • Mo’Nique: My Name Is Mo’Nique  (Series) – English Audio With Subtitles

What To Watch On Netflix On 3rd April 2023?

  • Magic Mixies Season 1 – Series – English Audio With Subtitles

What To Watch On Netflix On 2nd April 2023?

  •  War Sailor Season 1 (Series) – Norwain, English, Hindi & More – With Subtitles – Original Show
  •  Divorce Attorney Shin Season 1 Episode 10 (Series) – Korean With English Subtitles -Original Show
  • A Clean Sweep Season 1 Episode No. 33 (Series) – Korean Audio With English Subtitles – Original Show

What To Watch On Netflix On 1st  April 2023?

Amigos (Movie) – Telugu With English Subtitles
Four Good Days (Movie) – English, Hindi & More With Subtitles
Jarhead 3:The Siege (Movie) – English, Hindi & More With Subtitles
Company Of Heroes (Movie) – English, Hindi & More With Subtitles
In The Earth (Movie) – English, Hindi & More With Subtitles
Promising Young Woman (Movie) – English, Hindi & More With Subtitles
Spirit Untamed (Movie) – English, Hindi & More With Subtitles
The Lovers (Movie) – English With Subtitles
Safari (Movie) – English With Subtitles
Beyblade Burst Surge Season 1 (Series) – Japanese and With Subtitles
Divorce Attorney Shin Season 1 Episode 9 (Series) – Korean Audio With Subtitles.