Kadakh Review Sony Liv: Sony Liv has recently released an original movie titled as Kadakh, starring Ranveer Shorey, Rajat Kapoor and many more, here we are going to review the movie from all sides, in terms of acting, plot, and screenplay.

The movie is directed by Rajat Kapoor Himself and stars some great actors from Bollywood, like Ranveer Shorey, Mansi Multani, Shruti Seith, Kalki Koechlin, and many more, the movie is approx 90 minutes long and is now streaming on Sony Liv.

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Kadakh Review

  • Name Of The Movie – Kadakh
  • Star Cast – Ranveer Shorey, Rajat Kapoor & More
  • Created By – Rajat Kapoor
  • Platform – Sony Liv
  • Duration – 90 Minutes
  • Rating – 2.8/5
  • One Sentance Review – Interesting But Very Slow
  • Recommended – Depends

The story revolves around Sunil Played by Ranveer Shorey, Malti, and their friends, Sunil Invites his friends on Diwali, before the guest came, Raghav comes to the house and Kills himself, (Raghav is the husband of Chhaya, and Sunil is having affair with Chaya), while Sunil was trying to clean this the bloodstains her wife arrives and house and he explains everything to her, while they were thinking guests started coming to their house and Sunil and Malti somehow manage to put the dead body into the box.

Time goes by and more and more guests keep coming, situations are getting difficult for the Sunil to handles, would be able to manage the things right, or he would be charged for murder, or anything else would happen, to know this you have to watch the series. There are lots of little twists inside the movie.


The biggest plus point of the series is performances by the star cast, Ranveer Shorey, Raat Kapoor, everyone is at their best, there is not even a single frame, where acting look faulty, they are so pure and original that you can’t take your eyes off from them, even a small kid Vihan and the watchman has given awesome performances. Acting is one of the prime reasons to watch.

Screenplay & Editing

This is the point where the film lacks, the screenplay is very very poor, the first 20 minutes of the movie is so interesting and fast and after that movie goes slow and slow, for approx 40 minutes, the movie is very slow, dull and uninteresting, a screenplay can be made little better, the editing in the middle of the movie is also poor, there are some illogical dialogues, speeches and drama, that was not needed at all.

The first 20 minutes of the movie is great, but after that, I would bore you for 30-40 minutes and the climax is very poor too.


We are going with 2.8 out of 5 for the movie, the story looks interesting in trailer but it can be portrayed in a better way, the actors have done awesome jobs and film lacks at a screenplay, climax and little in the story, if you are looking for a light, comedy thriller drama, you can check me out, but you have to fast forward it in the middle.

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