Kaali Kuhi Movie Ending: Netflix’s horror drama Kaali Khuhi starring Shabana Azmi, Sanjeeda Shaikh, Riva Arora and Satyadeep Mishra released today. The movie follows the sensitive issue of female infanticide to spread awareness about that topic in a unique way. The movie uses symbolism to lay it’s story. Though inconsistent, the movie does has a confusing ending which might leave a few viewers baffled. So here’s our explanation :-


The movie follows a village in Punjab that has been following the age old tradition of female infanticide to this date and that to strictly. They throw the new born girls in a well in the fields. One night in the present day, a man out of frustration breaks the seal of the well from where spirits of these girls get out and start haunting people of the village. One of the girl visits to a house and seeing that an old lady faints. This old lady is the grandmother of Shivangi a young girl who with her parents visit her to check her health.

Strange things start to happen as her grandmother seems fine out of the blue and keeps on pointing out to Shivangi’s mother Priya that she wanted a boy and instead of it, Shivangi has born which is nothing but a burden in the family. The spirit of the girl when arrived at first lives in the room in the terrace of their house. She starts to haunt the grandma and eventually kills her. Upon taking her to her cremation, her body catches fire and burns in the middle of the road.

The Ending

After severely hurting Shivangi’s father, the spirit ghost it is revealed that the ghost is none other than the sister of Shivangi’s father ,Sakshi , who was killer as a newborn by the women of the village. Now she has come back to take revenge on them. She kills Shivangi’s father as he too unknowingly supported the culture of Male superiority.
Now, the Sakshi takes herself into the body of Chandni and attacks Shivangi, Priya and Satya. But they manage to hold her off. Chandni wakes up and bites the hand of Shivangi in the process of freeing herself. Sakshi continuously invites Shivangi to join her.

Priya reveals that she is pregnant with a baby and Shivangi will become a sister soon. Sakshi has come to take the baby and Satya tells her that Shivangi is the only one who can save the village as she is from the new generation and holds the power to stop the spirits and revoke the curse. As all the other family members are knowingly or unknowingly are part of believing in the ritual.
Shivangi then follows Sakshi to the cursed room in the first floor and upon reaching sees a fully grown embryo and the baby inside it waiting to come out. She then travels back in time where, her grandmother ( young ) throws a piece of cloth over her, just as young girls before their deaths are thrown. She then again comes back to present time and sees that the embryo bursts out and dies right in front of her.

Now this time as the whole house begins to shake, Shivangi sees another vision and this time the old ladies appear right in front of her holding the baby ( Sakshi apparently ) and just as they are about to poison her, Shivangi takes the baby from them and runs for her life. Upon reaching downstairs she kisses the baby as the house falls upon her.

Shivangi wakes up to find out the house shattered to pieces, no sign of Satya or Priya is there, she takes the buffalo with her and starts walking through the village, she notices that not a single soul is there in the village and ultimately she reaches the well. But the well looks different now. She continues to walk and upon a distance frees the buffalo. She notices around 12 girls sitting near a similar well and upon arriving there is greeted by Sakshi.

What does this Signify?

First thing that comes into mind is the Shivangi herself has died in the accident of the house and then she has traveled to afterlife where she is able to see the other girls who presumably died from the age old tradition. This also explains the fact that in the village there had been around 12 mysterious death and one can point out the fact that Sakshi wasn’t the only spirit that was haunting the village, there were other spirits as well who were taking revenge from there respective families.


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