Julia Marquis In ‘The Pale Blue Eye’: Julia Marquis is one of the supporting characters from Netflix’s crime thriller The Pale Blue Eye, Julia Marquis is the daughter of Dr. Daniel Marquis and one of the suspects in the murders.

She is also learning Witchcraft, here we are going to tell you about the name of the actress Playing the character and some more details about the Character.

Who Played Julia Marquis?

American actress Gillian Anderson played the supporting role of Julia Marquis in Netflix’s The Pale Blue Eye, She did an amazing Job in the film and fans are loving her performance.

Who is Julia Marquis?

Julia Marquis is an American actress, She started her career in 1986 with Three at once after that, she was seen in The Turning, Chicago Cab, The X-Files, The Mighty, The House of Mirth, The Spy of Dumped Me, The Sunlit Night, Johnny English, She revives her acting career from Sex Education, where she played the role of Jean Milburn, who’s the mom of our Protagonist.



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