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Jeon Hyo-Bong In ‘Dream’ Movie: Who Plays, Actor Name | Netflix

Jeon Hyo-Bong is a crucial character in this movie. People want to know more about him, so we will discuss who played the character of Jeon Hyo-Bong with an explanation of his character.

In the movie, the character “Jeon Hyo-Bong” is played by Ko Chang-Seok. He is a 52-year-old South Korean actor known for his roles in movies like “Hello Ghost” (2010), “The Miracle We Met” (2018), “The Con Artists” (2014), “The Front Line” (2011), “Rough Cut” (2008), and “Project Wolf Hunting” (2022). He has also appeared in series like “Glitch” (2022), “The Good Detective 2” (2022), “Encounter” (2018-2019), and “Monster” (2013).

Jeon Hyo-Bong is a 44-year-old man who loves to play soccer. He has a beautiful daughter as well. But his wife wants to divorce him, so his daughter is also going to move with her mother to Australia. Jeon Hyo-Bong chooses to play football to impress his daughter one last time, as he never did anything for her before.

At the end of the movie, he succeeds in playing in the national team, fulfilling his dream, but he is unable to stop his daughter from leaving. However, she is happy and proud that her father is a responsible man.

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That’s all about Jeon Hyo-Bong. If you have any more questions, feel free to ask in the comment section.



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