Jee Karda Episode 4: Jee Karda’s trailer was released a few weeks back, and the show received lots of buzz after its release. The series is now streaming on Prime Video with 8 episodes, and here is the recap and ending explained for Episode 4 of the show.

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Episode 4 of the show starts with Arjun discovering that a girl is hiding in her room, and she is a huge fan of his. The sequence then jumps to an auditorium where we get to see Lavanya’s mom, Antara, dancing in the show. Suddenly, Antara gets cramps in her stomach, and they rush to the hospital. The doctor advises her to remove her uterus.

Lavanya is once again in confusion and she asks her mom if she is doing the right thing by marrying Rishabh. Lavanya says it’s her life and not to overthink it. The gang gathers together at a club, and there we witness another argument between Rishabh and Lavanya.

Sheetal and Sameer plan for a mini vacation, but later Sheetal finds out that Sameer had lied to his father about the vacation. On the other hand, Preet meets Krish, and while they were intimate in the car, Krish’s car hits a street dog. When Preet goes to take care of the dog, Krish runs away from the spot, leaving Preet behind.

Melroy and his gay partner get into a fight as his partner is not accepting him in public. The episode now shifts to a hotel where Sheetal and Sameer are having a good time, but in the end, they end up fighting with each other. In the last few minutes of the episode, we witness an ugly fight between Melroy and his partner, and the episode ends here.


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