Jawan Day 13 Advance Booking: Jawan Is Not Consistent Like Pathaan When Pathaan Was Minting 50 Crores Daily, Jawan was able to score 35-40 Crores Only, But The Thing Is This Is Going On Between Srk vs. Srk Only, The Record Of Gadar 2 Was Broken By Jawan In The Hindi Language Only,

Here Gadar 2 wasn’t able to break the record of Pathaan And Srk Created A New Record, After Witnessing This Much Hype We Can Definitely Say Srk Is King Of the North, No matter What Fans Love Him Unconditionally. Tomorrow is the Occasion Of Ganesh Chaturthi In India, a Holiday In India, Advance Booking isn’t very High As Of Now.

Till Now More than 1.90 Lakh Tickets sold for jawan, and the collection From Advance Booking Is around 3.10 Crores it will be interesting To see how the number Of Footfalls Surpass The Numbers Of Advance Booking.

Jawan Was Released In Hindi, Tamil, and Telugu languages Only. All eyes are on Jawan only Now, This Is Because Of Srk Only The Movie Came So Far, and Atlee’s Storytelling Was A Plus Point Too.

Jawan Will Break The Record Of Pathaan For Sure!!!



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