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Ed Gein Real Image, Alive or Dead?: What Happened To Ed Gein? | Psycho | MGM+

Ed Gein Real Image, Alive or Dead?: MGM released their documentary “Psycho: The Lost Tapes of Ed Gein,” focusing on the psycho killer Ed Gein who inspired some cult classic Psycho Killer movies in Hollywood. I will discuss those movies in another article. Now, let’s focus on what happened to Ed Gein after he was arrested. Is Ed Gein dead, or is he alive?

Bernice Worden was a 58-year-old woman and the owner of a Plainfield hardware store. When Bernice Worden’s son Frank came to the store, he found blood stains on the floor and some gun shells. He immediately went to the cash counter, thinking it might be a robbery, but then he saw two sales slips for Antifreeze.

Frank then remembered that Ed Gein had come to buy Antifreeze the day before his mother went missing. On the evening of November 16, Ed was arrested, and a team of police officers went to check Gein’s Farm and home. The team found Bernice Worden’s body hanging upside down, with her head missing from the body.

As police searched the home, they found a human facemask, human skulls, human skin as chair seats, a belt made of human nipples, and many more disturbing things in his house. They also found a human heart in a frying pan. The day he was arrested, local authorities of Plainfield, Wisconsin, namely “Boyd Clark” and “Earl Kileen,” interrogated him and uncovered even more horrific truths.

What happened to Ed Gein’s property after he was arrested?

There were rumors that the property might be used as a Tourist spot, but on March 20, 1958, the house was destroyed by fire. Some people believed that a member of one of the victim’s families might have burned the house. John V. Hassler believed the fire might have started after a cleaning crew attempted to dispose of trash, and there was no one behind it.

Ed Gein: The Story Of The Serial Killer That Inspired Every Horror Movie

Is Ed Gein Alive or Dead?

One year after the murder, on November 21, 1957, the trial began, and Gein pleaded not guilty due to insanity. Doctors found out he had schizophrenia, making him unfit for trial. Gein was sent to a mental hospital. In 1968, doctors confirmed that Gein was fit for trial, and he was found guilty of killing Bernice Worden. Ed Gein spent the rest of his life in a mental hospital. On July 26, 1984, at the age of 77, Ed Gein died due to lung cancer.



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