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Fighter Movie Budget & Box Office

Fighter Movie Budget & Box Office: Fighter, the much-anticipated film of this year, marks Hrithik’s return to his original genre of stylish action films. Before this, he appeared in films like Bang Bang, War, Dhoom 2, and many more, delivering remarkable performances in every role. That’s the reason he’s known as the Greek God.

Hrithik Roshan’s previous film, Vikram Vedha, wasn’t able to perform well at the box office; it was released in 2022. Hrithik received much appreciation for his negative role; however, the movie wasn’t able to collect well at the box office. But Fighter looks like a strong film, and we hope audiences will love it. Here, we will tell you about the budget of Fighter.

Fighter was made with a budget of 250-300 crores. The budget is high due to heavy VFX and fighter planes. When the teaser of Fighter was released, everyone started comparing it to Tom Cruise’s Top Gun because of Hrithik’s look, which was inspired by Tom Cruise. However, Fighter promises a different storyline, and this is the first-ever aerial action film in India.

We have already updated the day 1 collection of Fighter; do check it out. Fighter needs to collect 400-500 crores at the box office to achieve a hit tag. Hrithik’s previous film with Sid Anand, War, was made with a budget of 170-190 crores.

The budget of Fighter is 250-300 crores, including cast fees, printing and advertising charges, and all other expenses.

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