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House Of The Dragon V/s Rings Of Power Viewership Data

House Of The Dragon V/s Rings Of Power Viewership Data: As we’re slowly getting to the end of the COVID 19 Pandemic and entering a new realm in the Entertainment Industry from a new implementation of strategies like Direct OTT Release, VOD Release, and the window between Theatrical & OTT Release, it is right now that there’s more content coming every day and the flow is in abundance and it is super hard to watch everything that releases.

It is right now that being choosy is a virtue and also something that is very much needed. The industry seems to be thriving with new content and as streaming platforms grow with giants like Lionsgate and Paramount jumping into that domain, content availability is now reaching a new high.

With so much content, it’s no news that there’s going to be some clashes and there have been but not like what’s happening right now. We have a battle going on right now between two of the biggest industry giants with their shows that are TITANS itself. Yes, we’re talking about HBO’s House Of The Dragons and Amazon’s Rings Of Power.

Both of these shows have just started recently and well, if you know about these two you know that it is the best time for your creative minds to run and come up with those theories (well, not with HOTD if you’ve read the books but still) and discuss like we used to do when Game Of Thrones aired.

Rings Of Power Shooting Locations

These two shows air on different days with HOTD releasing on Sundays and Rings Of Power on Fridays but there’s not a lot of day difference between both of them and viewership struggle is definitely going to be there since not everyone can find the time (hard time to be a choosy one though).

These two shows are backed by huge budgets and since both of them are prequels the audience was much interested in them when the news fled about them. Especially Rings Of Power has been under tremendous fire for its casting and not doing justice to the original Tolkien’s material.

As of right now, if we take a look at the User Viewership ratings, below is the comparison

House Of The Dragon

In its second week right now, House Of The Dragon has managed to get viewership of 10.2 Million for its second episode, which is the largest ever rating for HBO followed by the series premiere. The series has been instantly renewed for another season by HBO seeing the response to the first 2 Episodes.

Rings Of Power

In its first week, Rings Of Power premiered with more mixed reviews from the audience. More so, Amazon seemed to have suspended User Ratings on the platform to remove the series from getting Review Bombed.

There are no official viewership numbers since it’s too early (I’m writing this on 3rd September) but whatever we’ve seen by now, the show is under a lot of fire by the LOTR Fans for the reasons that you’ve already heard a million times. However, the VFX of the show is getting applauded and the investment done in the show has to pay off somewhere, right?

House of the Dragons is on a stronghold right now and with the second Episode ending on a thrilling note, it is on the road to getting more viewership but on the other hand for Rings Of Power, the upcoming Episodes for the show are going to be crucial because most reviews are saying that the show is a bit slow.

With time, maybe after a couple of Episodes, we’ll get a clearer look at Rings Of Power’s performance. As of now, Rings Of Power does not hold a good place in terms of Audience Score on Rotten Tomatoes (36%) and IMDB (6.5) with even Google Ratings hiding their final ratings and the total number of ratings on their homepage.


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