Inspector Avinash Episode 2: Based on the True Story of Up Based Real life Cop, Avinash Mishra. Jio Cinema Original show Inspector Avinash is now streaming on the App. The first 2 episodes are available to watch and the each episode will release each day from now on. We are covering the episode wise recap of the show and you can check the Episode 1 Recap and ending of the show too.

The second episode of the show starts with the killing of an opposition leader, Kiran Kaushik, in Uttar Pradesh. Due to political pressure, Avinash is assigned to the case for quick results.

While searching the leader’s house, the police receive some information about Kiran Kaushik and some other politicians in the state. Mishra gets a tip on a phone call about Kaushik’s murder and discovers that the killer’s name is Bittu Chaubey, who is in Rishikesh. Later, it is revealed that Bittu’s wife was the one providing information about his activities.

During the shootout, Inspector Avinash and his team kill Bittu. In the meantime, we also learn more about the state’s Home Minister. He is having an affair in the presence of his own wife and is also involved in the illegal weapon trade in the state.

Avinash receives an update that Bittu obtained guns from a local supplier. Avinash and his team raid a warehouse, and after a massive shootout, they manage to capture one criminal at the scene. By the end of Episode 2, we catch a glimpse of Abhimanyu in the series. Now, Episode 3 is going to be super interesting.



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