Inspector Avinash Episode 1: Jio Cinema has started releasing Contents from their Huge lineups. The first Jio Cinema original that is going to release on Jio Cinema is Randeep Hooda starrer Inspector Avinash. The First two episodes are streaming for Free and here goes the Recap and Ending Explained for the Episode 1.

The Episode 1 of the show starts with a powerful introduction of Avinash Mishra, a police inspector played by Randeep Hooda. The episodes are around 35-40 minutes long, and here goes the Episode 1 recap and explanation of the show.

The show now shifts to a court judgment sequence where he has to appear in the case of a false encounter. The Day 1 of the court ends with no conclusion, and then the story shifts to a flashback.

The story now shifts to 1998 where we get a little flashback of G Shukla (Based on a true story). The Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh is a target of gangster G Shukla. When the Chief Minister asks for a solution, one of the police officers suggests forming an STF team.

The story now focuses on Inspector Avinash, where we see a raid by Avinash Mishra on the men of a local politician, and Avinash encounters those goons. Due to his great work, he gets into the newly formed STF.

The story now shifts to 1998 in Ayodhya where Avinash gets input that around 18 Kg RDX was transported to Ayodhya by terrorists. Police caught 3 Kg of RDX, but 15 Kg is still missing. The police start an investigation, and a sketch is released by the police to catch the terrorists.

Avinash gets input from the sketch. The police catch two of the terrorists, and they reveal that a bomb is planted in the temple. The police manage to get rid of two bombs with the help of the bomb squad.

Avinash thinks that there are some big names behind these big attack plans, and thus he decides to bust the weapon mafia. We get to see some arms dealing and a truck entering the home minister’s house, and the episode ends here.



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