InCar Movie Review: InCar, directed by Harsh Warrdhan has been released into the theatres as a PAN-India release. Starring Ritika Singh, Samsher Singh Sam, Gyan Prakash, and Manish Jhanjholia, the film tells the story of one normal day for Sakshi Gulati played by Ritika which turns into an absolute nightmare when she’s abducted by 3 men during broad daylight in Haryana and what follows is what the film is about. Here’s the review of the film

Sakshi Gulati, a College Student on her way to college for her exams is abducted by 3 men, two brothers, and one elder of the same family. The younger brother is out on bail for stabbing another guy who was found in intimate positions with his sister and in a fit of rage he stabbed him. During the way, the older brother gets a call that the guy that was stabbed had died and now the younger brother who is out on bail will get his bail canceled and is going back to prison.

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However, the two decide not to tell him. The younger brother asks to abduct a girl from the city and the elder agrees to do so and they abduct Sakshi from a bus stop. They plan to take her to a place secluded in the fields and had plans to kill her after a week. What follows is Sakshi’s trying to convince the men to let her go and how the film ends is what makes the crux of it.

InCar right from the very first minute pulls you into the narrative that is nitty gritty and keeps everything checked. It’s the dialect and how the two brothers are, we get a sense of the characters and grasp at the current situation. The screenplay of the film works very well and doesn’t let you stray away. With a runtime of around 120 minutes, the film manages to deliver a thrilling and eye-opening experience that ends with a social message. The cast has done justice to their roles and Ritika has delivered another brilliant performance.

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InCar tells us a story that we often hear in the news and the film is an exact reflection of what happens in our society the film is a great step towards opening a conversation for a better future.

InCar is on one side a story of one day and how Sakshi gets abducted for being a girl but then on the other side, InCar is also a mindset, of people towards objectifying women and that is something that needs to be corrected.

Final Verdict: 3.5/5


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