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Imdad khan Magician Henry Sugar Real Image, Name – Where He Is Now?

Imdad khan Magician Henry Sugar: Netflix’s original short documentary ‘The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar’ is now streaming on the platform with multiple audio versions. The film is only 40 minutes long and available in English, Hindi, and some other dubbed versions as well. One of the main characters from the movie is Imdad Khan. Here, we are going to tell you if the character is inspired by a real image or story.

The film revolves around a man named Henry Sugar, who was deeply inspired by a magician named Imdad Khan, who has the ability to see even when his eyes are closed. Imdad Khan acquired these powers from a saint in the jungle, and Henry gained this inspiration after reading a book about Imdad Khan. Henry practiced a lot, and after more than 12 years, he developed the ability to see even when his eyes were closed.

Now, jumping to the topic, many of you were asking if Imdad Khan’s character is based on a real person. Yes, the character of Imdad is inspired by the real-life magician named Khuda Baksha. Khuda Baksha was a magician from Pakistan during the 1990s, and he was very famous for his blindfolded magic tricks. There is a high chance that the character of Imdad was inspired by Khuda Baksha.

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You may want to take a look at the real image of Khuda Baksha:


This was all about the Imdad khan Magician From the Netflix movie Henry Sugar, what do you think about the film? If you have any questions related to the film, Please let us know in the comments.



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